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Welcome to Fikalo Resources

Our Business Overivew

Fikalo Resources is a solutions company established to provide robust business support services to local and international customers across Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana with interests in Facilities Management, Logistics and Training working with local and international technical partners.

Our operational approach is to help our customers achieve business process efficiency, people productivity, environmental responsibilities, and better bottom line performance by blending our technical competence with the local capacities in the markets where we operate.

The exact reason we brought together a formidable team, made up of experienced and well trained individuals. We combine the ease of technology, our knowledge of the local environments, and understanding of global best practices to deliver solutions that help you make real difference in the things that matter to you.

Advantages and value adds of engaging FIKALO
With our vast wealth of experience, quick turnaround-time, highly skilled technical and administrative team and thoroughly trained workforce, we will support in delivering a comprehensive program that:

  • Goes The Extra Mile For You: We are willing to make sure you get more than your money’s worth. That is why we have trained all team members to work with a passion that singles the Client as priority above everything else.
  • Provides Experienced Riders: Our dispatch riders have been carefully picked with consideration to their knowledge of the city Environs, years of experience, work ethics and reliability. This is to ensure that your parcels get to their chosen destination in record time.
  • Perceptive Customer Care: Our customer representatives have been selected to ensure that your delivery goals are met in record time. Using analytics via our FIKALO APP, we are able to identify your needs and wants for better customer engagement as you speak with them via our contact platforms.
  • Business Continuity Plan: With a currently fluid business landscape, we keep growing to ensure we are able to meet your needs.
  • Conducive Environment For Employees: We intend to make sure our employees work in a conducive environment across our businesses. We also run training programs that help improve their work ethics and services to clients.


We want to be your preferred partner because...we take responsibilities seriously.

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